Monday, 16 May 2011


Been trying something a little bit different, all my own photography gathered from days out, trips ect.. Bit of an animal royal wedding!!

Sunday, 15 May 2011


These images were based upon the life of Pricilla L Williams, and how she worked incredibly hard to raise 14 adopted children. I further more took inspiration from authentic field worker images i had sourced, and how they were dressed in denim and stripe. The illustrations within the images are folk song.

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Create your own hair......

Built up images of tribal face paint...kind of like a step by step. Worked on top with all different styles of tribal hair.. using mixed media.... or anything interesting i could find!!

Hudson Sisters

I came across some black and white images of Winson and Dovie Hudson, both wearing head to toe floral, living in a typrical older persons home. I instantly fell in love with my location, being my grandma's house but its kind of accentric and quirky.I followed that theme to the manipulation of the image, there was a lot of trial and error... but in the end i bleached the back out, re stained and then layered the image back with furnicture to create the backdrop.


Have you ever heard the story of Leontyne Price, the first black opera singer?. How she gained a 45 minute ovation. A real rags to riches story. I decided to use this as a starting point for my images, styling Holly in some really rich fabrics. And I worked on top of these images with bold and dramatic sketches and doodles, just like opera...

Haiti and Vodun Religion

Originally I watched a programme on the dancer,Katherine Dunham and i was intrigued by her heritage and the vodun Religion. I wanted to portray a spiritual being and voodoo dolls. This was shot at a yellow grass quarry. Probably some of my favourite images

12th street riots

Looking at the 12th street riots in ditroit I created my own slogan T-shirts assciated with the riots, better housing, police, voting. I photographed molly in the studio, and i created my own backdrop of my interpritation of detroit, from layering derelict images I had taken. Took a lot of time to create them, as i didnt want two of the same backdrop.


Based on Odetta the Folk singer, I read a book about her and how she influenced black african americans in the play and inner life and become hugely inspired. I focused on the folk style, right through to the final manipulation of the image. I shot Natasha at an old farm house local to were I live, which had many caravans scattered around. A true reflection of how odetta travelled around America spreading her music and lyrics around the black American community.

Getting back

Ok so iv not posted for some time .So i am literally going to do a huge catch up of what iv done over the past year.